Stone Honeycomb Panels

Material: Stone+Aluminum Sheet
Both sides THK: 5MM,10mm stone
0.8MM,1.0MM alu-sheet
Function: Building Decoration
Aperture: Customized
Application: Indoor &Outdoor
Transport Package: Protect Film and Standard Export Plywood Crate
Specification: 600*600mm,1200*600mm, customized size


Stone Honeycomb Panel is a fabricated stone panel wall cladding system utilising a composite panel made by laminating a natural stone layer to an aluminium honeycomb substrate with aviation grade epoxies. Stone Honeycomb Panel is fabricated and then attached to the wall with a series of aluminium extrusions.

Stone Honeycomb Panel can feature a large range of natural stone finishes, including granite, marble, limestone and sandstone. The natural stone composite panels are suitable for interior and exterior use, being highly weatherproof and suitable for high impact areas.
Stone honeycomb panel

Why use Stone Honeycomb Panel over traditional solid (dimensional) stone?
•      Lightweight – Stone Honeycomb Panel is only 1/5 of the weight of its equivalent in dimensional stone. This means that the product is much easier to handle and to ship, lessening damages, and improving onsite efficiency and safety.
•      Simple installation – Stone Honeycomb Panel offers far improved attachment over traditional solid stone. The solid stone anchoring system exposes the weakest properties of the stone, whereas the fixing systems offered with Stone Honeycomb Panel are rapid and align with common systems already used in Australia.
•      Flexibility – Stone Honeycomb Panel panels, using stone as a veneer over the honeycomb core are much more flexible than dimensional stone. As a result the panels are much less prone to fracturing and cracking and better able to withstand building movement and extreme weather events.
•      Stability – The thin stone found on Stone Honeycomb Panel panels lacks the torsional force of the thicker dimensional stone. This means the lightweight Stone Honeycomb Panel system doesn’t experience the stability failure that occurs in dimensional stone.


ALUCROWN offer a wide range of igneous and non-igneous stone in the Stone Honeycomb Panel panels. When used for exterior applications, the stone can accommodate custom finishes and patterns, taking advantage of the different textures that can present. There are various combinations of three dimensional patterns and carvings available, as well as traditional polished, honed, sandblasted, and other custom textures to make a custom facade feature.
Below is a selection of commonly chosen colours. If you have any particular finish or colouring in mind, please contact our sales team to discuss further.

Stone honeycomb panel color chart
Disclaimer: Please note stone is a natural product. As a result, no two pieces are identical and may vary in markings, colour and texture. In some stones it is common to find spots, fossils or shelly formations, pit holes, open texture streaks, iron spots, and grain formation changes.


A dedication to the total fulfillment of our client’s and customer’s expectations is reflected by a complete quality control system, beginning at the point of specification and continuing through to delivery of the guaranteed products. All activities are carried out in a manner which:
•      Uses the framework of ISO9000 Quality Standards to verify the quality of our systems
•      Ensures that our products and services are of the highest standards
•      Creates continuous improvements to our product through the application of the best quality practices.


Stone honeycomb panel typical compasition


Face Skin - 5mm Natural Stone
Core - 10mm Vitracore Honeycomb Panel


stone honeycomb panel technical data


stone honeycomb panel fixing system

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Stone Honeycomb Panels

Stone Honeycomb Panel is fabricated and then attached to the wall with a series of aluminium extrusions.Stone Honeycomb Panel can feature a large range of natural stone finishes, including granite, mar