PVDF Coating Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Through a continuous industrial process, ALUCROWN manufactures its aluminum honeycomb panel, which, in its different applications, is more Rigid, Lighter, Fire Resistant, Non Toxic, Recyclable, Insulating, 
and Energy-Efficient. 

Product Presentation

What is the honeycomb panel?

Aluminum honeycomb panel is compoisted by 
aluminum sheet and aluminum honeycomb core.

Aluminum honeycomb core is composed by muli-layer aluminum foil material and is available in varies cell sizes with unique cell configurations that significantly strengthen the panel without deformation of the cell walls or loss of mechanical properties with the relevant thickness.
The honeycomb core surface is treated for corrosion resistance for durability purposes.
aluminum honeycomb panel

aluminum honeycomb panel

Available Honeycomb Panel Types

alminum honeycomb panel types

Honeycomb Panel Technical Data

aluminum honeycomb panel
aluminum honeycomb panel
Honeycomb Panel Application

aluminum honeycomb panel application

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