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Aluminum honeycomb panel
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PVDF Aluminum honeycomb panel

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The surface of Alucrown aluminum honeycomb panels are made of aluminum alloy plates roller with PVDF coating while in the milddle are the aluminum honeycombs which meets the international earonautical standards. This product is specially make with the cold-glue and hot-press technology.

The structural honeycomb core provides strength and consistent rigidity at a very low desity; When bonded to similarly lightweight facings. Every honeycomb cell wall acts like the web of an I-Beam, forming an extremely strong and rigid lightweight composite panel.
Alucrown honeycomb panel is an aluminum sandwich-type p
anel with high rigidity and extremely low weight. It is the ideal material for a most of applications in architecture, transport, display or industrial production.
Aluminum honeycomb panel has widely used in facade cladding industry, interior decoration, ceiling, partition, furniture industry, ship hull building and ship decoration, vehicle building and so on.


1.Aluminum alloy:                 A3003,A5052

2.Panel thickness:               5mm~200mm

3.Regular panel size:          2400mm(L)*1200mm(W)

4.Max. panel size:               10000mm (L) *1500mm (W)

5.Surface finshing:              PVDF coated , PE coated,Powder coated, Anodized, as per customers’ request

6. Available Color:               According to  international colour atla ,as per clients’ request


1.Low density, high intensity, high rigidity, stable structure

2.Outstanding flatness, superior weather-proof, wind-proof and pressing proof functions.

3.Good sound&heat insulation, good at shock-resistance

4.Easy to proccess and shape, easy to install

5.Green and envirornental, energy-saving material


1.Building exterior and curtain wall.
2.Decoration and renovation additions for old buildings
3. Decoration of interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies
4.Shop door decoration .
5.Advertisement board display platforms and signboards.
6. Wallboards and ceilings for tunnels.


Thickness Unit 6 mm 10 mm 15 mm 20 mm 25 mm
Cover sheet thickness, front [mm] 1.0
Cover sheet thickness, rear [mm] 0.5 0.5 1.0 1.0 1.0
Weight [kg/m²] 4.7 5.0 6.7 7.0 7.3
Technical properties
Section modulus W [cm³/m] 2.6 4.6 14 19 24
Rigidity E@J [kNcm²/m] 7.100 21.900 75.500 138.900 221.600
Alloy / Temper of Aluminium Layers Peraluman alloy (AIMg), H42 acc. EN 573-3
Modulus of Elasticity   E [N/mm²] 70.000
Tensile Strength of Aluminium   R m [N/mm²]
≥ 125
0.2 % Proof Stress R p0,2 [N/mm²]
≥ 80
Elongation   A 50 [%]
≥ 5
Linear Thermal Expansion   α 2.4 mm/m at 100ºC temperature difference
Aluminium foils from AIMn alloys (EN AW-3003) Bare comprehensive strength [N/mm²] > 2.5
Weight [kg/m³] > 50
Lacquering Coil Coating
Fluorocarbon based (e.g. PVDF)
Gloss (initial value) [%] 25-40
Pencil Hardness HB-F
Acoustical Properties
Sound Absorption Factor α s 0.05
Airborne sound insulation index (acc. to ISO 717-1, ISO 140-3) R w [dB] 21 21 22 23 25
Thermal  Properties
Termal conductivity (regarding total thickness, incl. cover sheets) λ [W/mK] 0.95 1.35 1.78 2.25 2.70
Thermal resistance R [m²K/W] 0.0063 0.0074 0.0084 0.0089 0.0093
Temperature Resistance [ºC] -40 to +80
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