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Bending Machine

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1,Adhering to the European design philosophy,The appearance of simple, practical and efficient, Stable and reliable, high performance price ratio, A new generation of CNC bending machine, low failure rate.
2,Accurate and stable backgauge system: Double linear guide rail structure is novel and unique, to ensure the positioning precision of excellent. Multistage gear design, increase scope, value for money.

3,Enjoy the independent patent throat deformation compensation device: accurate deformation and feedback compensation , To ensure the precision of bending. And can effectively prevent the non-standard parts collision interference grating.

4,WILA mechanical compensation device: Holland imported WILA wedge compenstation device, by controlling the CNC CNC system, And two-way adjustmet to get precise compensation, to ensure high quality precision of bending.
5,More in line with the suspension arm ergonomics: rotating radius reasonable, More flexible, more convenient operation.

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