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Cutting Machine

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1. Vertical adjustment device and front stop position device:it is installed on the left(squaring) front supporter, to ensure the cutting precision, simple and efficient.

2. Fast blade gap adjustment device:simple and efficient manual adjustment style,to reach blade gap Stepless adjustment.

3. High precision back gauge: accuracy ball screw+linear guide construction, high performance servo motor and driver, to ensure the  stop position precision; Synchronous transmission construction of unique design, stable and reliable.

Automatic back gauge swing-up device: To cut the work piece out of back gauge range.

4. Lighting alignment device: Aligning by light, helpful to mark out by hand for shearing.
Unique structure of down-holder cylinder:Built-in spring structure, where the lower part with special material gaskets,to avoid leaving trace line on aluminum alloy or other sensitive material.


5.Integrated Hydraulic system: Hydraulic drive,smooth,reliable, integrated hydraulic system design to reduce problem brought about by leakage of hydraulic oil.

6. Good quality blader: made using good quality alloy tool steel to meet shear impact loading and high abrasion resistance requirement.

7. With Lightweight and practical rotating arm: Reference design ergonomics, interface is easy to operate CNC system, improving the accuracy of operation and comfort.

8. Working table steel ball transfer structure: using rolling steel ball, reduces friction, ensure the workpiece surface is not scratched.
New and practical protected device: Compliance to protect operator safety; smart design can be realized manually operated small shearing.

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