Advantages and uses of aluminum honeycomb panel

Aluminium honeycomb is used for several of applications (i.e. for tool machines, for serigraphy..etc.) and in different sectors such as: public transport industry,nautical sector, building industry, etc...

As core material, aluminium honeycomb is used in sandwich panels and it is utilised in: floors, roofs, doors, partitions, facades, working surfaces for automatic machines and for all products which require an optimal stiffness-to-weight-ratio.

aluminium honeycomb

Aluminium honeycomb as panels’ core has several advantages:

  • lightweight
  • stiffness
  • fire resistance
  • compression, shear and corrosion resistance
  • flatness

Aluminium honeycomb can be used as deflector for laminar flow-ventilation, and as crash-absorber for kinetic energy.
Thickness of non-expanded Blocks: 1000mm standard, the diameter of the cells from 3 to 25 mm. The density of the honeycomb depends on the thickness of the foil and the diameter of the cells.
Thickness of expanded section from 3mm to 60 / 200mm approx. (depending on the cell diameter).
Honeycomb density (from 20 to 163 kg/m3) depends on foil’s thickness and on cell size.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Advantages

Aluminum honeycomb ceiling is a environmet-friendly material with the characteristic of sound-aborption , heat-insulation , light weight and high stiffness . 

The charatecteristic mentioned above only exist in the contrustion of aluminum honeycomb panel but not in the single honeycomb layer. The aluminum material only comprise 1%~3% single panel capacity ,the rest of capacity is full of air. Due to the sound-aborption and heat-insulation characterist of air is better than the solid materials ,  the aluminum honeycomb panel has the air-like characteristic in some degree.

Aluminum honeycomb panel is composite panel which is good to adjust the environmental degree . As the high heat volumn of the inner soild wall system , the wall system outside which is adhered an thermal-resistance layer can stable the trend of temperature change , which is more saving-energery. In hot day the thermal-resistance material can reduce the transfer of solar heat , which it can make the interiod warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

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